Consumer Rights



The law between consumer and supplier affects the consumption of goods and services from suppliers. The law affords a certain degree of protection to the consumer from unfair trade practices by the supplier. Such unfair practices may include contractual clauses that seek to exclude responsibility for carelessness or deliberate breaches of contract. Other forms of unfair practices include deceptive advertising or questionable sale tactics. This section of Q&As provides basic legal information about protections under the law and will be helpful for consumers who seeking redress against suppliers of goods and services.


In the context of occupier’s liability, the law affords protection to the occupant of premises offered as temporary accommodation for the traveller, such as hotels. For example, providers of such accommodation are liable for the belongings of the occupier, up to a certain extent. On the other hand, the occupier owes certain responsibilities to the provider of the accommodation, and must not damage or lose items provided. This section of Q&As discusses some of these protections and responsibilities.