Having trouble with insurance company for a car accident. A car moved into my lane and stopped suddenly causing us to collide. The insurer says its my fault and I won’t succeed in recovering for damages.It says the fault will always be the car who hit f

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    answered on 09/05/2016

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    It is not clear what your question is. But generally, if you do not agree with your insurer, you can take over conduct of the matter and join your insurer as a defendant. That being said, the burden of proof is on you - it is generally very difficult to prove what you are claiming.

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  • Hi, may I know if my question above has been reviewed and be answered? Thanks. Jerrie 05/05/2016
  • Thank you for answering my question. Not sure why the whole question was not posted but mainly I want to know whether there is such a thing as the fault will always be the vehicle behind in a rear end collision which my insurance company claims so, although it was due to the negligence/reckless driving of the other party. Jerrie 24/06/2016