I would like to know what is sole custody and joint custody ? Currently I'm in a process of divorce and wants to have a clearer picture of sole and joint custody.

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    answered on 30/07/2016

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    The Singapore Courts generally grant 4 types of custody: sole custody order, joint custody order, hybrid order and split custody order. Under a sole custody order, the parent granted sole custody of the child will be the sole decision maker for major decisions concerning the child. Under a joint custody order, both parents will be decision makers for major decisions concerning the child. Both parents will therefore need to communicate with one another and reach a consensus where key decisions are concerned. In other words, both parents have an equal say in the upbringing of the child. For hybrid orders, although one parent will be granted custody over the child, the custodial parent must consult the non-custodial parent on matters pertaining to the welfare of the child. Under a split custody order, custody of different siblings may be split between the parents. This, however, is not a common order by the Court.

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