Do I need to compensate job agent if I have not signed on their agreement but accepted the job offer. Agreement forwarded to me after I signed with hiring co, I turned down the job 3 days later.

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    answered on 29/10/2013

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    This depends on whether you had reached any earlier, non-written agreement with the company.

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  • They accepted my job rejection but call me up 2 weeks later to persuade me to take the job back. I refused n was told on the penalty regardless I did or did not sign the agreement. They want me to pay by end of the month, if not, they are going to sue me. I went thru the agreement that was sent to me after signing the letter of offer. it stated even if I didn't sign the contract, I also need to pay the penalty. In anyway, they will win, since agreement is to their benefit right? Shld I pursue further or just pay them? Ngmag 29/10/2013