My ex husband had stopped his maintenance for my children and myself despite a court order. How to reinforce?


  • You can go to Family Court to enforce, get your document prepare including divorce certificate, Court Order, child birth certificate or NRIC , do a outstanding records (how much he owns to you) from the last record of his payment (show prove like bank statement) . The amount will have to show to your ex-husband (he have to agree on the outstanding amount), usually will send both parties for a mediation session before hearing. Remember every time he fails to pay, procedure and documents had to re-submit to the Family Court. Do your homework to avoid hassle, I had been doing it since 2001. You can file in to DP Group it will be helpful if your ex-husband is getting loans and it will shows his outstanding (it works like credit bureau for their own clients base). Hope it help ;) sheilachia 12/01/2017