I was tricked and forced into criminal activities such as loansharking, harassment etc. while I was working overseas. I tried to escape but was caught and ended up paying a ransom in order to leave. Am I culpable for the crimes they make me partake in at

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    answered on 23/12/2017

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    You may be found not culpable if you were compelled to commit the offence by threats, which at the time of the commission of the offence, reasonably caused the apprehension that instant death (whether to you or another person) would otherwise result. This is provided that you did not commit murder or offences against the State punishable with death, and that you did not place yourself in such a situation of your own accord or based on threats short of instant death. Even if you fall short of this defence, the fact that you were tricked and forced may be regarded by the court as a mitigating factor and hence you may receive a lesser sentence. Though another country's laws may apply if the crimes were committed overseas.

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