I have signed an employment contract that states that I have to stay in employment of the company for a certain period. However it is not written in the contract that there will be a penalty for breaking that. Can I resign before the stated period withou

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    answered on 04/03/2018

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    You may resign at anytime. However, you need to give advanced notice of your intention to terminate the employment to your employer. The notice period should be according to you employment contract, or verbal agreement. If it is not mentioned in your employment contract, you can refer to the Ministry of Manpower's website for more information on how much advanced notice should be given (http://www.mom.gov.sg/employment-practices/termination-of-employment/termination-with-notice). Alternatively, you may also terminate the contract without notice. You would then have to pay compensation in lieu of notice, or a "notice pay" (which is the money equivalent to the salary that you would have earned during the required notice period). If your contract does not require you to pay for monetary compensation (in addition to the notice pay) for terminating a contract before the specified period, then it is unlikely that you would have to pay money for resigning before the stated period apart from the notice pay if you terminate without notice.

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