I wrote a post on scamsg last year and it was all facts. But I received whatsapp told to take down post, I really don't know how to, so replied and they agreed to help check how to remove, but 1 month later, today suddenly reply and threaten to sue me

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    answered on 16/06/2018

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    If the sender of the WhatsApp message represents the business or company that you have written your post on, then they may be exploring the possibility of suing you for defamation, specifically libel. If they commence an action against you, then you should consider getting legal representation to defend the suit. Until then, you should retain records and documentation of the facts substantiating your post. There are several defences against a defamation suit, such as justification or fair comment. You may find out more about these defences at Subsection C Defences of Section 7 Defamation at the following website: http://www.singaporelaw.sg/sglaw/laws-of-singapore/commercial-law/chapter-21#section7

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