My ex fiance communicated to me through wat app to say he will pay me the reno cost but no IOU. Can I sue him for this?

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    answered on 22/05/2018

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    It depends on the agreement. Was the agreement for you to help him to pay first, with him paying you back later? If so, then there is likely a valid contract. On the other hand, if the payment was a gift from him to you, then it would likely be unenforceable. Without a contract, it will be extremely difficult to successfully sue as there is no breach of contract. Before deciding to sue anyone, it is recommended you carefully consider the merits and strength of your case as litigation is an expensive process. The legal fees may amount to a sum larger than the size of your claim. Consider other alternative means of enforcing your agreement such as mediation. A list of considerations is available here for your perusal.


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