Writs summons issued. What should i do next?

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    answered on 22/05/2018

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    This would depend on whether you wish to contest the claims in the summons or not. It is recommended that you quickly seek legal advice or legal aid if you qualify for it. If you do not wish to contest the claims (i.e. accept them), the plaintiff can apply for judgment without trial. This will result in a default judgment entered against you and a sum of money decided by the courts that you have to pay to the plaintiff. You could also attempt to come to an agreement with the plaintiff and settle outside of court. If you wish to contest the claims (you have a defence/valid legal excuse), it is recommended you quickly engage a lawyer/sign up for legal aid and enter a Memorandum of Appearance to defend your case in court within 14 days. A useful resource for your reference is at https://singaporelegaladvice.com/law-articles/writ-of-summons

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