If an individual took a voice recording of me on behalf of an organization, does that organization or the individual has the right to publicize or send the un-consent recording to any others? If they don’t, what possible will happen if they do?

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    answered on 09/06/2018

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    Under the Personal Data Protection Act, the voice recording may constitute "personal data" if it contains data about you, and if you can be identified from that data. The organisation needs to get your consent before the data can be collected or disclosed. Since the individual took the recording on behalf of the organisation, the responsibility for obtaining consent from you lies with the organisation. You could make a complaint to the Personal Data Protection Commission. However, note that if the recording was made at a public location or event, it is possible that the personal data may be considered generally available to the public. For more information: https://singaporelegaladvice.com/can-an-organisation-record-a-conversation-without-consent/

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