My seller ask for extension of three month,hdb completion over on 18 June.Do I have the right to go view the home during this extension period n ask her to vacant immediately?

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    answered on 15/07/2018

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    The seller is obligated to vacate the flat immediately after the legal completion of the sale. The temporary extension of stay for the seller is subject to your agreement. Assuming that you have not agreed to the extension and have not submitted a request of the temporary extension of stay at the time of the resale application, the seller must vacate the flat. Even if you had agreed to an extension previously and the extension has been approved by HDB, you may agree with the seller on the terms of the extension of stay and any additional monetary compensation for agreeing to allow the extension. For example, you may agree to a period of extension which is shorter than the three-month maximum period. More information available at:

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