Facing in issue here. Broke up with my ex 2years ago. Lately she contacted me back asking that she wants back all her stuff that she moved into my home. But ive already dumb all her stuff and she insist she would make a police report o

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    answered on 15/07/2018

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    The legal issue is whether she has abandoned her movable property (legally termed as her chattels) in your possession. The High Court in Wong Seng Kwan v PP held that “the circumstances surrounding the discarding of chattels should raise the irresistible inference that the original owners had clearly abandoned them – both possession and ownership”. It must be the “clearest of cases” that the original owner has “a specific and unequivocal intention” to abandon the property in question. In your situation, the most relevant factors likely are the nature of the items and the value of the items. If the items were of low monetary value and your ex-girlfriend has not shown any intention to reclaim them, then likely she would be considered to have abandoned the items. The two years between the break-up and her request would likely add to your case, assuming that she has not contacted you during the past two years regarding her items.

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