My grandmother has passed on recently and one of her children held onto the will. However, she is unwilling to disclose the details of the will. Is there anything that the other children can do to get her to disclose the will?

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    answered on 13/08/2019

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    You may check with the lawyer who drew up the will, but it must be noted that even if the lawyer's firm has kept the original will or in this case, copies of it, the lawyer can only disclose its contents to the executors of the will until probate has been granted. This is unless the executors consent to disclosure of the will's contents before the grant of probate. If you don't know which lawyer drew up the will, you may try searching the WIlls Registry for this information, or try placing a notice in the Law Gazette to reach out to the lawyer who did so. This notice will cost $214.00. The lawyer who drafted the will may then contact you upon seeing the notice. For more information, please refer to:

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