SG&FR couple living and adopting in France. Are there procedures to follow for the adoption to be recognised in SG? The French court requires a "certificat de coutume" regarding SG laws on adoption (who can adopt, age requirements etc.). Where

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    answered on 17/08/2019

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    The rules for adoption in Singapore can be found in the Adoption of Children Act (ACA). Requirements include the parent being at least 21 years older than the child, the parent being 25 or above, and the parent not being more than 50 years older than the child. Other requirements such as welfare of the child must be satisfied to the court, and there must not have been any payment or reward for adopting the child. Consent must also have been obtained from relevant persons. For more information, please refer to: The procedure for adopting a child can be found here if adopting a Singapore citizen or Permanent Resident child:; if adopting a foreign child (excluding children from the People's Republic of China): if adopting a child from the People's republic of China:

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