if i have a loan contract with my company stating that repayment will be on a monthly basis through deduction from my salary and if company terminate me, must i pay the outstanding in full or can wait till i found another job and continue paying monthly a

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    answered on 21/07/2014

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    This depends on the specific terms in your loan contract. In most such loans, there is normally a clause that provides for immediate repayment if your employment with the company comes to an end.

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  • I took a loan from police coperative and when i resigned from the police force, I was forced to pay one lump sum which I am unable to pay. As the loan was self-insured, the police cooperative washed hand ofd the matter and now the insurance company is chasing me for the money. I am paying them $1000 monthly by instalment but they engage a lawyer firm and insisted I sign another agreement to tie me down to an instalment payment plan. When I told them I am not agreeable to signing the agreement, they filed a court case against me and not wanting to waste tax payers money and The Court resources, I agree to sign the agreement only to be asked to pay another 3k for the legal fees. 1. Should I sign the agreement when I am already willing to pay the outstanding sum owing to them in the first place? 2. Should I be paying the 3k legal fees which I reckon is overcharging and inappropriate. Hope for a kind soul to help me answer these queries. Adenluv 06/01/2017