Is a magistrate's complain useful against neighbor who knocks on floor 24hours a day ad hoc in stopping it?

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    answered on 21/07/2014

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    The value in a magistrate's complaint depends on your neighbour. We suggest that you may want to consider involving your RC/ CDC/MP first.

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  • HDB & RC chairman thru MP spoke to neighbor upstairs but they have denied doing the knocks. Think the knockings intended to cause disturbance after I complained to HDB about their regular pounding noise nuisance from what appears to be mortar and pestle. Magistrate complaint done almost 2 months and still awaiting for the court arrangement for mediation. Understand to charge them will be cumbersome as I will need to gather evidence including measuring the decible level of the sound caused by the knocks and the vibration levles of my ceiling, Requested HDB officer (was a junior officer) to come for inspection in my flat and he heard 3 to 4 knocks when he was here. Asked HDB for next course of action thru my MP and HDB's Senior Estate Officer had replied via mail that some amount of noise is inevitable in a high-rise living environment even though these knocks occur intermittenly throughout the whole day icluding mid-night hours right on top of my bedroom which disturbs my sleep quality. Civil suit for tort of nuisance could be time consuming and costly. What other options do I have? Meanwhile the knocks which started in June this year continues.... Eddie 25/08/2014