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Conveyancing Real Estate Buying and Selling

We are in a position to deal with the acquisition and disposal of properties under ownership and lease. Our goal is to help you every step of the way.

We Solve Queries

To the Government and Administration bodies of the Community in any matter that has to do with Real Estate Law.

We Legally Advise

Advice on structures and financing of real estate plans and new launch condo investments, common areas, extraordinary expenses, hiring, etc.

We Offer Guidance

Before judicial or extrajudicial claims in all those controversies in which the interests of our clients have to be defended.

Lawyers Specializing in Real Estate Law

Define Your Management Strategy

We are professionals who specialize in real estate matters, from routine transactions to litigation, and who apply their legal skills in this area.

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Different Backgrounds

Made up of lawyers with different backgrounds, our teams support your company in the design and implementation of your projects and a responsible tax strategy.

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Building A Better World

We believe that every interaction with a client, colleague, or wider society should make the working world better than it was before.

Inclusive Growth

Fast Forward: Advancing Equality

Preparation and monitoring of contracts until the exchange. Management of the purchase process until its completion.

Initial Procedures

Our Areas of Intervention

Once an offer has been accepted, the seller’s lawyer will draw up the contract which describes the conditions of the sale, and the terms of the deal, including the price.

Buying and Selling 90%
Rent and Eviction 80%
Neighborhood Disputes 70%
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The issue that I had to resolve was handled wonderfully. The real estate lawyers they had are some of the best impressions and 100% recommended.
Very personalized attention, a very close treatment, and satisfaction with the results, advising me very well that resolved all my doubts.
Some of the best lawyers specialized in the horizontal property. Trustworthy and attentive at all times for legal services when we decided to hire an external service.

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